I feel like i need to write it on here and not on the other as some of you know why but not many but I feel like me and a certain person are growing apart and I can’t stand to feel like that when this person is my life like I would die for this person if I had to I know that I might not can trust to tell this person stuff but we are so very close and use to text so much but I kinda have a feeling like we growing apart and I hate it maybe she just busy or hates texting I mean we text but I just have that feeling like we going to end growing apart and I can’t handle this worry I want this feeling to go away and I want things to be like they use to be and I want my over worrying self to stop like it’s like we use to text through out the day about anything even when she was at work but now to like when it’s the weekdays we don’t talk as much I just hope it’s work and I didn’t do something see that’s what over thinking does it’s bothering me so much when it probably nothing like now we texting but it’s late and idk I just feel like we going to grow apart maybe I’m losing it and letting overthinking get to me we have our on lives I get it and I guess work just more busy so we can’t talk like we did I really miss the 24/7 through out the day text but between my school and her work I hope we still say so close and all I love my sis can’t let school and work get to us that we don’t talk


Just so stressed out so bad that I want to shut down feeling like no matter how hard i work o still feel like I’m not going anywhere feeling like one of thrm stupid people who don’t know any thing just feeling bad for having fun wanting to just give up but I’m not i keep going to school and working my ass of just feel like I’m doing it for no reason I want to be a emt but will I get to be one or am I to dumb to be one

Just in the way 

On my other blog i opend up and I started to tell my sister things i use to hide and I felt like she cared but know i feel like a bother to be honest if it wasn’t for my friend i don’t know if I would even have fb I just feel in the way all the time like I don’t fit in like when im at a famliy memebers house I feel like they dont want me their they just want my mom and I just happen to come along  I feel like I need to stay away from them to stay out the way like if it wasn’t even for my mom i wouldn’t come out of my room but i feel like I need to spend every minute with her she is my life i love her she’s my mom and I would die if something happened to her so for her i act like im fin but really I want anything to do to not feel like I’m in the way i tell my mom how i feel but yet she dont to seem to understand and I think its bye bye to my this blog my sister dont even read them so i don’t have to worry about keeping two   blog now really i have to say changes are coming I’m going to slwoy stop talken and texting people thats my besfriend and mom this should help me feel out of the way right 


Hey world sorry i haven’t been on this  blog in awhile im thinking of deleteing this one and going back to my other one i have been feeling and  alright to post on thr other one i kinda feel bad hiding stuff from a certion person on my old blog but sometimes i just dont want them to know some things i feel like im in the way and when i post on that blog i feel like im bothering her with my post but if i delete my blog on here i will follow every on my old one love reading yalls post it helps to know hey look some other people are going though some stuff your going though and im sorry if you deal with some type of anxtiy its not fun i know and its hard to say storng somtimes but you feel like you have to just know that your not alone and thr srom will end soon and the sun will shine now time to read some post