This blog 

Hey world this is my secound blog  i will be post on two blogs but this one dont have a certion person on it as much as i love that person and we are close i dont want her to worry and i allways feel like a bother this blog will be personal and im not doing this for anyone to feel sorry for me or anything.  I cant stand when people feel sorry for me but my whole life i have hid my troubles and acted like i was  a perfect person so i didnt bother and as i still go on to do this i need a place where i can just let it all out with out a worry in a world and i feel like i can do this on this blog and some on the other blog or i might get tired of one of these blogs and delete it but who knows  and that certion person did something awhile back and as we moved on i still dont know if i could ever trust that person again. But we have moved past it so can’t go back to being mad just have to act like im good but really im not this has been a long hard few months